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  2. ISmartFrame Benefits

ISmartFrame Benefits

Growth is just an Aritmetika operation

How many website KPIs can you track? Too many, and just a few are crucial for your business and website speed is one of them. UX, the factors appreciated by Google, your indexing, and positioning are all impacted by loading speed.

Better user experience

Website performance has always been important, and in a mobile-first world is truer than ever.

Scalable and resilient architecture

iSmart Frame grows directly with the site(s) traffic assuring constant and continuous speed and performances.

Proprietary SEO engine

A proprietary cache solution combined with an SEO optimization engine that solves critical problems and massive optimizations of code and textual content, images and graphic layouts..

Plug&Play solution in 48 hours

Sudden page speed improvement

Higher organic ranking in Google

Page speed is included as one of the key factors for Google search index.


The highest level of security is assured. We grant the standard ISO/IEC 27001.

Platform independent

Regardless any CMS you are using (if any), any IT infrastructure you are in, iSmart Frame will boost your site(s) performances..

Standardize website perfomance everywhere

No more technical issues and different website performances by localization.

Increased convertion rate and Turnover

Studies find evidence that the highest e-commerce conversion rates occur between 0 and 2 seconds load time.

Technical costs reduction

No more technical SEO interventions, you can focus on content and visibility.